All Call for Applicants and Partners!

(Savannah, GA) St. Andrew’s School announces plans for Teach the Future Fellowship, an inaugural fellowship program created for educators in our area from K-12 schools, public and private. Through a one-year commitment, accepted educators will attend a series of events focused on connecting schools with the growing technology and entrepreneurial community in the Coastal Empire. Fellows will establish a network of entrepreneurs who are able to open up the possibilities of what school can and should be to prepare our students for their present and future potential. The program’s founding members include two educational leaders in the area alongside two tech leaders in the area and board members from The Creative Coast.

“The ‘Teach the Future’ concept is brilliant and creative in its own right,” said Howard J. Morrison, an early supporter of the program. “What an incredible way to connect our teachers to the community and help them prepare our students for whatever is to come.”

Chris Miller, local social and economic entrepreneur, is excited about this program in our community, “Your Teach the Future idea is fantastic! It is so forward thinking and as means of connecting students to curiosity and real world problems, ranks up there with the best I’ve seen.”

Bi-monthly sessions for those accepted to the program begin in late August and run through May 2016. Scheduled events include speakers, a tech crawl, breakout and brainstorming sessions, community to school connections and participation in Creative Coast events designed to seed entrepreneurial efforts in the area.

Through the fellowship, educators will connect with local resources and individuals that they can access as guest speakers and facilitators back in their school and classroom, connecting students directly with experts in technology and innovation.

“At St. Andrew’s, we are asking our students to make real-world connections in the classroom, so it makes sense to encourage local educators to do the same to help move our schools forward together,” said Kelley Waldron, founding leader of the program and Assistant Head of School.

Interested participants may apply here for the program or at by June 26, 2015. Organizations or individuals who would like to support or partner with the program are welcomed at the website as well.