Monthly Archives: April 2016

Innovation at the Edges of Education and Entrepreneurship

Innovation occurs at the edges of disciplines. Over the course of the 2015-16 school year, 20 fellows from 12 different schools (public and private) have come together with innovators and entrepreneurs in our community to explore ways in which we can build these bridges to transform our classrooms and schools into relevant environments that promote change and entrepreneurship.


Working with a myriad of innovators, technology experts, and entrepreneurial organizations, we began our year by considering the real purposes of education and why there is a pressing need to transform schools and classroom environments to meet these purposes more fully for our students.

We embarked on an openminded exploration of the ways in which we might learn and integrate an entrepreneurial process for achieving this transformation and how to utilize this process with our own students. This exploration took us to Geekend and makerspaces at The Guild Hall, Fast Pitch and 1 Million Cups at the Creative Coast, as well as reflective sessions that included resources and other voices in the conversations around innovation and education.


In our second to last session of the year, we joined together at Miskatonic Labs at The Guild Hall on Wednesday, April 6, to reflect on what processes we saw at work in all these explorations and how we can use those to address a problem in our own classrooms or schools. Fellows worked in small groups with educators from other schools to identify a problem worth solving. They chose an innovator to pull into their work for the day to provide critical feedback and insight into developing their problem or proposal and apply the design process to develop a solution.

In this work, fellows have gained a deeper knowledge, exposure, and appreciation for the frameworks of design and iteration that promote innovation in technology and entrepreneurship. They are equipped to bring this back to share with their students and their colleagues. Our collective dream as we end our first year (officially) is that this cohort creates concentric circles of optimistic change and transformation.

In reflecting on their work, one fellow compassionately shared, “I am so inspired by all our work thus far. This fellowship has been a true godsend for me. I am thankful for the opportunity it has given me to build new relationships as we strive to make Savannah a better place for our youth.”

Many thanks to the fellows who have committed to this conversation. I have much gratitude for our community innovators in our work and especially The Guild Hall and The Creative Coast in our work. Our advisory board has been amazing.

You can learn more about the fellowship and the dedicated participants at our website: How can you get involved? You can become an innovator, share your space, refer an educator, or provide a partial or full scholarship to help us continue this important dialogue and work.