Participating in the Teach the Future Fellowship reminds us that we are all in this together, regardless of grade level, school, or community role. The name of our group is fitting because we must be “future-minded” if we are to prepare our students for the unknown. Connecting with community innovators reduces the isolation that can occur in our field and creates space for ongoing dialogue and positive change.”- Educator & Teach the Future Fellow

Through a one-year commitment, accepted educators will attend a series of events focused on entrepreneurism in tangent with break-out sessions from leaders in education to share ideas and generate new thoughts around the purposes and potentials of a school and educating our students for their future.

Fellows will develop a network of colleagues to brainstorm and collaborate with around the future of teaching and learning. Fellows have the opportunity to establish a network of entrepreneurs who are able to open up the possibilities of what school can and should be to prepare our students for their present and future potential.